About us

While preparing to caddy for a player, founder and CEO Justin Kinney discovered there was very little information on the course being played. Justin was inspired to develop an app to create better tools and help golfers prepare for their rounds. Hence, the concept of Virtual Golf Caddy was born.

Course management is often the most overlooked concept of golf, yet the most important. We give players a game plan to attack the course with so they are proactive rather than reactive. 

Our technology is the highest level of quality, as we use custom built drones to film 3D views of the courses. Our GPS is accurate to within 1 yard from anywhere on the hole. It also reads greens with astonishing  accuracy to the nearest millimeter. 

What we do...


  • Mental game support 

  • Type in any question and receive mental game tips & exercises 

  • Online forum for mental game specialists, coaches, and players to share tips 

  • Built by renowned sports psychologist Bill Cole, MS, MA, who has been helping athletes of all levels with their mental game for over 40 years 


  • Can be attached and detached from carts 

  • Alternative to players using phones or course paying fees to offer gps screens on carts 

  • No charge to courses. We provide devices and profit share with the courses 

  • $20 to rent each device 

  • Great for countries with expensive cell phone data or where GPS is unreliable 

  • Our app software will be downloaded onto the devices so they have the same capabilities as the app 

  • Supply charging station to the course 


  • Review your rounds by seeing locations of all shots in 3D 

  • Review your stats from the round 

  • Take notes to help you prep your next round 

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Tel: 860.422.3635